Michael Thomas Wolfinger

As a theoretical biochemist specializing in structural and computational RNA biology, my work spans algorithmic bioinformatics and computational genomics. I am most passionate about virus bioinformatics, recognizing its essential role within the One Health system, an integrative framework linking the health of humans, animals, and the environment.
Michael T. Wolfinger

In our increasingly interconnected world, the study of RNA viruses is more crucial than ever. My work primarily revolves around RNA viruses, where I explore various dimensions of RNA biology:

  • Predicting the intricate structures of RNA molecules in 2D and 3D
  • Uncovering RNA's hidden complexities through RNA structure probing
  • Advancing RNA structure prediction with artificial intelligence
  • Investigating the fascinating world of RNA-protein interactions
  • Revealing co-transcriptional RNA folding dynamics
  • Designing riboswitches in silico for synthetic biology applications
  • Exploring multifaceted RNA folding dynamics and energy landscapes

These research areas collectively fuel my commitment to advancing our understanding of RNA biology and its broader significance in the fields of biology and biotechnology.

Currently, I hold the position of a visiting professor at the University of Freiburg Bioinformatics Group. In addition, I maintain affiliations with the Research Group Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BCB) and the Theoretical Biochemistry Group (TBI) at the Department of Theoretical Chemistry, University of Vienna. These academic groups are renowned for their contributions to the development of the ViennaRNA Package, a widely used resource in the field of RNA bioinformatics.

Beyond my academic endeavors, I have established RNA Forecast, a venture with a mission to emphasize the significance of RNA structure within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Together, we strive to integrate the One Health approach with the power of virus bioinformatics to tackle the complex challenges posed by RNA viruses, safeguarding the health of all living organisms on our planet.